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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

REVIEW: The King by J.R. Ward

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12)The King by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is great! I enjoyed every word. It was so nice to check in with the two that started it all. Wrath is still just as hawt as ever and the new developments in this story will make you smile, frown and keep reading until the end. Love the story of Wrath's parents. Love love the development of the relationship between Wrath and his Shellan. Love everything about this series! If you haven't read any of these books, and you love urban fantasy... these are the stories for you.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let me take a moment to promote a little project I’m working on…… Wolf Claimed

Witches hold on to those pointy hats!!! Wolf Claimed (Book 1 of the MagKaen) , my new paranormal romance serial novel is here!!! Wolf Claimed is 10 Episodes of fun, fantasy and sexy werewolf hijinks. We are up to Episode 3, and the next one will be released in just a few short days. All episodes are available in several formats on Barnes and Noble , Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo, and are all absolutely FREE. Read on for a short synopsis and info on where you can get Wolf Claimed!


WolfClaimed2_SmashWordsSMALLMichaela Mune’Dust hates werewolves. Harthen knows she’d give her left boot to be completely free of the mangy beasts from now on. It’s just her luck that her job, the full moon, and that stupid little thing humans like to call biology are absolutely determined to force her into close personal contact with the last male she’d ever choose. Talk about un-luck-ee. Even worse the pinheaded lycan just can’t seem to keep his muddy paws to himself! Okay, so maybe he’s sort of cute when he gets all growly and gruff, but really is a little heart fluff worth a self-respecting witch’s freedom? Thanks to her new mate she has her hands full juggling pack politics, managing a violent uprising, and trying not to die.  She’s a S.A.M.O Agent for the Human NSA, and she has no intention of giving that up. But why does the idea of a lifelong mating terrify her more than anything else? And when did compelling green eyes staring out of a furry muzzle become the most appealing sight she’d ever seen?


Would you like to find out more about the World of the MagKaen? Check out these posts:


Don’t forget to Get Wolf Claimed!!! :

Amazon Kindle | Barnes And Noble | Kobo  |Smashwords
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Friday, August 29, 2014

REVIEW: Hers To Cherish by Patricia A. Knight

Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, #3)Hers To Cherish by Patricia A. Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite story yet!! What a fantastic story! I loved Her's to Cherish, and I really can't express that enough. Now adding Patricia A. Knight to my awesome-as-sin authors shelf. My goodness.

This book has a great female protagonist. Steffania is strong but vulnerable at the same time,wonderfully complex, and very likable. Next we meet the male protagonist. Ramsey is strong, oh so hawt, honorable, and tortured by a dark and difficult past.

These two together add up to an engrossing story line that is well spiced with sexy sexy bondage scenes. The sense of intimacy building between Steffania and Ramsey is palpable. They both struggle internally and externally and it helps to make the story that much more engrossing. All around a great read by a great author that delivers time and time again.

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In The Pages of a Good Book Blog Hop - Topic Friendship!

Welcome Hoppers!! In celebration of In the Pages of a Good Book's One Year Anniversary I'd like to present this post to the blog hop! 
Welcome to Mercy's World, the blog about all things romance!!! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Image curtesy of imagerymajestic/

What's better than a story about hot steamy romance??? A story about girl pals that stick together through thick and thin, and then find romance! 

Far be it from me to devalue a great steamy romance read. But what could be better than a story about friends sticking together? I've listed a couple of books below by one of my favorite authors. Other than being funny and an all around great time, these books feature one common theme. Girlfriends! Reading about the great relationship that these ladies had made the story that much more interesting. It just goes to show that secondary characters can make up the difference between regular and spectacular. Not that these books aren't hunk-tacular like all good romances should be... Cause they are! But don't forget about the friends.

We romance writers tend to focus on finding that leading man. Reading these stories made this Roman-ti-File think twice about how I could incorporate some great examples of female bonding into my writing. Read on for three great ideas for adding friend-lurv to any plot!

1. Bond your friends over a common hurt.

We all loved stories like Desperate Housewives, The First Wives Club, and many others. What made these ladies great? They came together over a common hurt and created a bond to last a lifetime. Bring your friends together through adversity and let loyalty see them through.

2. Create funny quirks and history to strengthen the relationship.

Lifelong friends are the people who know everything about you, and love you in spite of it. They are those people you can call in the middle of the night for a little commiseration. They are the first one's there when you need them, and they are the last one to leave when times get hard.  What could be better? Use the history of your character's friendship to create depth and conflict in the story. Did a man get between them before? Does the main character have a weird phobia, or a trigger that makes her do crazy things? Maybe the site of cat food makes her dizzy. Maybe she's terrified of spoons. Whatever it is, let the friends bring it out and then watch the plot fall.

3. The round table of Yay or Nay!

One of my favorite types of friendship scenes are those that show the girlfriend dish. Let your character have a hilariously witty man bashing party after her man messes up. There is nothing quite like letting your friends decide who you should date in the most uproariously funny way. For some great examples of these three ideas check out the books I've listed below.

Happy Writing!

See what I'm talking about with these great End of Summer Reads!!!

Well that's all for me! Thanks for coming to visit Mercy's World. Don't miss out on the next blogs in the hop!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: Creating Intimate Moments



The key to making sex scenes romantic is portraying a sense of intimacy between the characters. Give them their moment of aha! This is different than its ever been before. This is special. But how do you do that? There are many complex feelings and emotions involved in the situation as it is, but how do you show the intimacy without overwhelming the reader with description? Or worse killing the sexy?


1. Show the intimacy with touch.

A slow gentle touch to a non sexual area during a love scene can go a long way to display the intimacy between two characters. Let your alpha male caress his female’s jaw. Let him run the back of his hand down her cheek. Have him hug her close without the tension of arousal between them. These are all ways to show that your characters are about more than just sex. One of the main complaints for new romance writers is that there is no sense of a developing romance between the main characters. At the end of the story it just seams that the I love you’s come out of nowhere. One way to show that romantic feelings are present is to increase the amount of non-sex related touches between your characters.

2. The eyes as windows

The eyes are such a tool of expression. Use them! A prolonged stare can portray so many things. Desire, longing, love, aggression, fear, interest, envy. Use the eyes to  increase the tension between characters. The eyes are front runners to facial expressions. Can you really read sadness in the eyes themselves? Of course not. What you read is the expression on the face but as humans we are most taken with eyes because they are often the center of our focus. Use that attention to your advantage.  Think about the difference in what you feel about a love scene that shows two characters who stare soulfully into each other’s eyes, versus one where that is never mentioned. Does it feel like the difference between love and lust to you?

3. The penetration correlation

Many a great romance writer has employed the penetration correlation. The deeper the connection the deeper the …. well you know. And it is true. This feeling that a connection is formed through intense love making. We can use this idea to our advantage. Making whoopee isn’t just about procreation. Its about a sharing of emotion, energy, and intense trust between two people. Even if it only lasts a few moments. Make your love scenes an outward manifestation of the emotional development between your characters. The deeper in love they are, the deeper they go.

4. Kisses aplenty

Kisses are amazing! Sweet, spicy, sexy, tantalizing even sad. People in love kiss, people in lust? Well not so much. Use kissing to portray sustainable connections between your couple. A kiss is like a mini-love scene. Even a small peck can bring the reader’s focus to the developing tenderness in the story. Don’t over do it, use your kisses strategically to bring your characters to where they need to go.

Happy writing!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

REVIEW: Tempting His Mate by Savannah Stuart

Tempting His Mate (Crescent Moon, #3)Tempting His Mate by Savannah Stuart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really like this series, but this book is my favorite so far! The characters in this story are more developed, and therefore oh-so-much more love-able. This is a quick and light read. Very entertaining, and very sexy as well. Can't wait to see what happens in the next one!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

REVIEW: Dual Desires by Shyla Colt

Dual Desires: A Red Hot and BOOM! StoryDual Desires: A Red Hot and BOOM! Story by Shyla Colt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an unexpected treat! A great story. I really liked both main characters. Demon is the prime example of the Anti-Hero while Ardy was sweetly feminine. This book was a well-rounded steamy-steamy Harley ride! I feel a fascination with motorcycle dudes coming on tout de suite. Dual Desires combines unique characters with an intriguing story line that kept this reader turning pages until it was done. I only wish it had been longer.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Under His Protection by Stephanie Morris

Under His Protection (The Protectors Book 4)Under His Protection by Stephanie Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story is a must read for classic romance fans!! Loved it. The characters are sweet and wholesome in a way that is refreshing, but still manages to be, not only sexy, but downright hawt! This book delivers in all the right places and ways. A secure nod to contemporary romance,with just the slightest hint of suspense. I'm adding it to my leaves-me-with-a-good-feeling shelf!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: Is BDSM right for you?

With books like The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, and Fifty Shades of Gray on the hot lists, it might have occurred to some of you that BDSM might be for you. Or maybe you’d like to jump on the erotic bandwagon and write a BDSM story of your own. Either way check out the following 5 Sexy topics.


1. You don’t have to be a masochist to enjoy Dominance and Submission role play.

The first thing to learn about BDSM is that there are many different topics and activities that fall under the umbrella. You might join a BDSM social media site and be scared out of your little pink panties by some of the stories that are posted there. The great thing about these types of sites is that they provide a non judgmental forum to explore your intimate needs. Before you jump into the deep end, make sure you know what your boundaries are. If you experience pain as pleasure, or enjoy being humiliated by your partner then you might lean more towards the S & M side. If what appeals to you is the offer of complete trust and therefore complete intimacy between a Dom and his Sub, then you might be interested in just the Dominance and Submission side. The point is, do your research, and set your boundaries early. And don’t forget to communicate them!

2. Discover your most intimate needs by exploring your boundaries.

One of the most played up concepts of BDSM role play is the idea that the submissive partner gives over complete control to her dominant partner. This release of control, allows the sub to be free to accept any and everything that is done to her/him. In a way it is also a release of guilt. By transferring complete control of your body to another person, you also transfer many of the negative self conscious feelings you might have about pushing the boundaries of your experience. The idea of consequence free relations sounds too good to be true…and it is, but that’s not really the point. The release of guilt and fear provides both partners with a sense of comfort that might not be so easily found elsewhere. These are the building blocks to complete trust, and frankly astounding intimacy.

3. Finding a good Dom can fortify your self esteem.

Just as in The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, the interaction between and a Dom and a Sub can be exhilarating, and life altering for some. Finding your latent self esteem and a sense of empowerment can go a long way towards leading you to take control of your life. The problem is that trustworthy, attractive Dominants are few and far between. The combination of qualities that come together to make a great dominant are a rare occurrence. The key is to weed out all the sadists (unless of course you’re a masochist) and just general abusive jerks. This writer’s research on the topic revealed an abundance of these types of Doms. It seemed that the ideas, or should we say ideals that where discussed in all of the novel’s I’d read were just that… an idealized version of the truth. If you are considering a foray into the community, it might be a good idea to discover just where the fiction ends, and reality begins.

4. BDSM might not be for you but exploring the concepts might bring you closer to yourself.

Understanding what attracts you to BDSM might be a mirror into your inner most desires. Do you feel alone even when you are in a relationship? Do you have a vague sense of dissatisfaction with the level of intimacy that you feel with your partner? Those seeking a deeper connection might tend to be more attracted to the ideals displayed in popular BDSM Romance. There are many many sources of information related to the psychology of the Dom Sub relationship. Checking out what’s out there might be a good way to explore your own needs.

5. Sometimes the fantasy isn’t nearly as good as the reality.

Well…lets be honest. Is the reality ever better than the fantasy? Actually in some cases yes! What you imagine you might like can be a far cry from what you’d actually enjoy. The point is that if you never seek you will never find. Don’t be afraid to explore your inner most needs. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and to open yourself up to new experiences. But be careful. The number one commandment of BDSM relationships is that you must communicate!! You set the boundaries, and you set the rules of what is acceptable and what is not. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure that you get as detailed as necessary when writing up your contract.

Whatever you decide. Keep Reading!!! 

Check out these awesome BDSM Reads that might point you in the right direction

Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

Sweet Surrender (Sweet Series #1) by Maya Banks

A little psychology

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: Writing Realistic Love Scenes

Couple In Bed, Men Sleeping And Woman Lying Disappointed by photostock 10034198
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Sometimes it is nice to read a story where the characters are larger than life. Ok..Ok so it always is, but there is a threshold between realistically enhanced and well…just too much.

We’ve read countless stories where the male hero was hugely endowed, and possessed superhuman endurance. Add to that the trend of female characters that are hypersensitive and more responsive than a hundred boomerangs at an Australian picnic.  Enough is enough. We like our love scenes sensual and sexy, but they are even better if they remain within the realm of attainable. Romance is about the fantasy of perfect love, the beauty of unadulterated union, and endless passion. We sell this dream to the readers. But let’s not do them the disservice of selling them something they can never experience. Read on for four key guidelines of realistic love scenes.

1. Write checks your  heroes can cash.

Its good to build the tension between two characters. Its not so good to build the tension so high that when the deed is actually done it seems a bit anticlimactic. When authors spend an extraordinary amount of time building to sex, and talking about it, it kills a little bit of the wonder of discovery. The characters have talked about how much they want it, and about how good its going to be so much that there is nothing within the realm of the laws of physics that will back up all that talk. So if you write a big check, be prepared for it to be cashed. That is to say, you must deliver. Take your characters beyond physical to metaphysical. Introduce high stimulation play, or some other sort of sense heightening technique, to justify the transcendent experience you’re about to describe. Take your readers beyond the scope of their experience. You can sell larger than life love if you shake the foundation of the reader’s knowledge base.

2. Milk the anticipation.

Try not to make sex the primary story arc. This is romance, so yes it is important, but not more than the honest depiction of human interaction. The journey towards love should feel natural to the reader. We’ve all read those series where after the fourth or fifth sequel its all about the bored sighs and quick page turns to get back to the story line. Some authors fall into the trap of making sex the primary story. This works sometimes, but too much is snooze inducing. Fifty pages of a single sex scene and even the reader feels sore and tired, so it isn’t believable that the characters don’t. Keep the story spicy by building up anticipation in the characters, and then milking it. If two characters aren’t able to connect for some reason,or are interrupted just at the moment of …well you know…then milk that sense of needy thwarted desire. Keep your story sexy without putting too much sex in it. Just the right amount of love combined with a good build up will go a lot farther than the full meat and potatoes.

Top View Of Resting Young Woman by imagerymajestic
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

3. Don’t overbeat the batter.

One good love scene is better than five average ones. We’ve all read stories that have gratuitous hanky panky. Even erotic romance stories can go too far in this area. Its important to balance the advance of the storyline with the need for chemical interaction. Desire is a great thing, but it can be quenched with overabundance. So write your stories with the concepts of lean writing foremost in your mind. What is lean writing? There is only one rule. If it doesn’t advance the story or characters in some way, then don’t write it, or take it out.

4. Fight against the cliché.

We’ve all heard the negative spews of those that sip from romance novel hater-ade. They use the ‘c’ word as a reason why romance isn’t real writing. Well don’t feed the fire. Give your stories an original touch. This could mean adding a small twist in the story, or shocking the readers with instant intense passion and then pages of restraint. Any way you tell it it should keep the reader hooked and wanting more. It should do this without having them smirk at the use of old school romance plot mechanisms. An example of this is the “innocent” virgin female lead. She’s untried, inexperienced and immature. She’s also rash, unreasonable, and childish. The great thing about new romance is the emergence of the strong and competent female lead. Let your heroin meet the hero right in the middle. She has her own desires and needs, and she knows what she wants. This should spill over into the love scenes as well. Both partners should be active participants. Both should have an agenda, and the reader should be aware of it. And that’s it.

Happy Writing!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: Revving up the Romance!

Beautiful Smile by patrisyu
"Beautiful Smile”  courtesy 
of patrisyu /
Why do romance readers read romance? Why do they choose this genre over any other genre? Why is this one of the most popular types of book on the market? I’ll tell you why! Romance sells. Notice that you didn’t just read the phrase “sex sells”, though it does. The truth about romance stories is that romance sells. That impossible ideal that there is someone out there for everyone is alive and well. Keep hope alive by giving people generous examples of love. You can do that in your stories, look for it in the books you read, or even do it in your own story (that is the story of your life). Keep reading for a few ways that you can rev up the romance!

1. Play up the Peek a Boo!

No, no, no gutter minds. Not that type of peek a boo! Though that might be interesting…. But we’ll save that for another post. You play up the peek a boo by holding a little back, then giving that perfect tidbit at the right time. Give the impression of untapped depths behind the character’s emotions and motives without dumping the full story on the reader. The worst thing for a character is for their actions to seem contrived. You want your readers to accept and believe that the love is building to a boiling point. You do this by giving your readers a peek at what's boiling beneath that complex web of actions and words.  Maybe your alpha male is dying to fall for the lead lady. He wants nothing more than to hold her close for the rest of his life. But he has been hurt in the past, and this causes emotional resistance to the idea of surrendering his heart again. Give us a peek at his inner turmoil, then gloss it over for a while and let the story and characters develop. Then another peek. Then more action. A bigger peek. then Boo!!! Now that’s what I call good romance!.

2. Stoke the fire.

"Romantic Couple Making Love" courtesy 
of imagerymajestic /
Why do romance readers choose to read romance instead of regular erotic? I’ll tell you why. Because romance writers know how to stoke the fire. It is much like that popular pop country song..Its not what you do or what you get when you get there,.. it’s the climb. Take your readers through the pitfalls and triumphs of love. Don’t make your love story into an impossible ideal. We want to believe that this kind of thing could happen in our own lives (right so we want to fantasize that it could at least). You do this by building the fire into a slow blaze and then letting it burn its way through to the surface.

3. Deliver baby!

The most popular authors out there are keeping their place in front of the pack because they can do one thing every time. They deliver. And they deliver well and often. But what does that mean? It means that their readers know what to expect, and they get it with each and every story. This means that though your writing shouldn’t be too predictable, it should contain your own unique formula to success. Pick your mechanism, and stick to it. Keep your audience enticed by meeting their needs, but keep them entertained by showing them the many ways that you can do that. That’s it!

Happy Writing!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: What makes a great love scene?

How much do you read? Have you ever wondered why some love scenes have that extra Um..Hm… and some others are mostly Uh Uh? As an admitted Romance addict I’ve compiled what I think is a list of the key ingredients for making your writing steam up the page. Prepare to be scintillated readers!!! Read all the way to the bottom for some links to a few books that I found irresistibly sexy!

1. Romance

I’m just woman enough to admit that sex for the sake of sex gets a little boring after a while. Have you ever read a book where there are 250 pages of sex and 50 pages of story? I like a good sensual love story just as much as the next romanti-file, but enough is enough people. For the sex to be sexy there must be some connection to the plot. That is, the sex must serve a purpose. Usually that purpose is romance, or connection between two characters. It signifies a deepening of the relationship and progress towards intimacy. Sometimes it’s the climax of the romantic plot, and other times it’s the final surrender. Whatever the circumstances don’t forget the romance. Show us that your characters are there for more than just the sex.

2. Touch

Seems pretty obvious I know, but you’d be surprised at how many stories are filled with sex scenes where the characters never take time to touch each other! It’s the b-line for the big O zones, but what about the rest of the body? How about the nape of the neck? The ear? The inner thigh!!! Don’t neglect the many other sexy parts of the body. Vamp up the sensual aspects of the story. Show your readers the deeper connection to the plot, and the development of a relationship between your characters.  Give them a little time to touch.

3. Chemistry

No not O- Chem, I mean X- Chem! Forget the Wham Bam, move strait to the thank you, and then go beyond that. Build the chemistry between the characters. Make them groan, make them shiver, but most of all, show us the inner struggle. They should be compelled towards each other by intense attraction, and the reader should know it. Show us how aroused they are, and convince us that we should be too. Make your characters irresistible to your reader, and they will be with you all the way.

4.  Bring on the Kink!

When your characters have relations, it should be an exploration. Don’t be afraid to let them explore the many roads of sensual stimulation. Make it an adventure. Introduce your character to something they never thought they’d enjoy, then take them further. The key to romance is finding the ultimate level of acceptance with another person. In that place of comfort  your characters should be able to release themselves to the moment, whatever that may entail. Make it exciting, build the tension, and take us with you!!!.
Happy Writing!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tarot of Inspiration: The World

Sometimes we reach a point in the story where we aren’t sure which way a character needs to go to reach her destination. Maybe a little divination is in order! Mercy say what??? That’s right! Let the divine guide you when you need a push in the right direction.

The World brings peace and harmony to your character’s life. The story is nearing its end, the circle turned to completion. She’s achieved all her goals, triumphed over adversity and now can bask in the balance of the spirit and the feeling of success.

This card also signifies the beginning of a new cycle, which means the setting of new goals. Maybe it means the beginning of a new story in a series. Or the addition of a new narrative to the mix.  Drawing the World card might mean that your story has reached a short peaceful respite. Quiet moments can lead to higher climaxes later in the plot.

All things are looking up, all trials have passed, and your character has reached their goals. Where does she go from here? What are her plans for the future? Does the story continue? The world makes room for all opportunities, and all possibilities. It signifies a bright moment in a character’s life. But with the World, a balance is required. Each bright moment has an equally dark moment to match it.

Maybe this is the beginning of a new story, or the signal that the story should be revived with a new subplot. When characters become stagnant, the introduction of a minor plotline might be the extra spice that will complete the recipe. The introduction of a new enemy maybe? Or a look into what the bad guys are doing while the protagonist is basking in happiness. However you choose to interpret this card, I’m sure that the results will be spectacular.

Happy Writing!!!

The beautiful Tarot card shown is from the Gilded Tarot  deck by Ciro Marchetti. Find out about tarot and where you can buy this deck at the links below!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Guide to the Kingdom of Nareth

Your introduction to the Kingdom! Enter Mercy’s world. Experience the immersive experience that is the Kingdom of Nareth Series.

Genre: Erotic Romance, Sensual Vampires.

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
Todesgeist: Members of the Kingdom of Nareth. Vampires like you’ve never seen before. Long lived, strong, powerful, and Oh so Hawt!!
Reticine: Trusted Protector. More closely defined as Keeper. As Todesgeist require the full satiation in order to survive upon coming of age, it is customary for females of the Noble Kuspit to be appointed a keeper. This is to keep the coveted females safe, but also to prevent them from having to scavenge to survive. The Reticine is responsible for meeting his mistress’s every need.
Blood Den: Noble sanctioned feeding house for unmated Todesgeist.
MorderBan: Mid Class Blood Den located in Southern California. See Lusten.
RedMorder: High class Blood Den located in Nevada. See Blood Mother.
Satiation: Todesgeist feeding ritual whereby all three hungers are fed. Lusten, Farbo, San. Known as a full feeding. Upon coming of age the sene is broken by initiating a full feeding, during which the soul weile, or Farbo seat is opened for the first time. This releases the powers of the soul and reveals the Farbo marks that declare a Todesgeist’s status in the Kingdom.
Lusten: First part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the body. The very essence of physical need and sustenance. Energy released by the body during physical arousal and pleasure.
Farbo: Second part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the soul. The very energy of life and creation. This energy is released only during full satiation during which all three seats of power are opened in complete supplication. Often only released after a full feeding of both Lusten and San during the height of climax. The culminating point of the Satiation Ritual.
San: Third part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the heart. Energy garnered through drinking the blood of others.
Denkin: Inhabitants of the Blood Den, who report to the Appointed Blood Mother.
Kuspit Noble: High nobles born of lineage descendant of the original six. Traceable family books magically bound, and spelled against untruths are kept at every family seat.
Tellrian Band: Lesser nobles fallen or unclaimed by a greater family but belonging to a lesser family.
Sangeisten: Literally Noble Protectors. Noble sect of the original six families that have formed into separate military police group, responsible for the longevity, security, and protection of the secret of the race’s existence.
Zabine Denizen:  Unaffiliated Todesgeist with untraceable origins, or lineage to the Original six. Are often mercenaries, work for hire, artists, artisans, etc. They are few as there are many benefits to being affiliated. Most children are adopted, or join other families.
Experience the Kingdom, Be Satiated Here. Lusten, Farbo, San

Monday, April 21, 2014

MagKaen Spotlight: Phi

Definitions (for the un-initiated):

MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).

Phi: (Fee) Persnickety, shape changing, human bashing tree sprite that lives in trees and large bushes.

Ever been in a park, or hiking on a trail and suddenly been attacked by a case of the clumsies? You just might have met a Phi! These guys delight in making trouble for humans. Phi are lower elves, that are (luckily) not that powerful, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. They like to live in trees and large bushes and can change color and shape to blend into their surroundings.

She may look cute, but she’s no Tinkerbelle. Phi survive by sipping the residue of magic from the air. For this reason it isn’t uncommon to find a gaggle of Phi living near werewolf compounds, elven villages, and covens. They are the magical scavengers of the MagKaen, and always happen to be around when you’d least expect it. Need information? Talk to a Phi. Just make sure you bring them an offering ‘worthy’ of your request. The last thing you want is to get on their bad side. Think angry magical bumble bees that will never let you sleep again.

But don’t be too nice! These little guys have a tendency to fall in love at first sight. Especially the females. Women hold on to your husbands, she may only be about 8 inches tall but she packs a powerful allure when she wants to. If you are male you might just find yourself at the mercy of her tiny little paws, if you’re a female, make sure you have a bucket ready. Woman have been known to be taken by a sudden case of uncontrollable nausea when standing in the way of a love struck Phi.


But you don’t have to take Mercy’s interpretation! Find out more about the Phi at the links below.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tarot of Inspiration: Judgment

Sometimes we reach a point in the story where we aren't sure which way a character needs to go to reach her destination. Maybe a little divination is in order! Mercy say what??? That’s right! Let the divine guide you when you need a push in the right direction.

This card is an emotive one. The image alone provokes feelings and mental sensations that might give you some insight into your character’s inner motivation. The angel raises his hands in supplication. Releasing himself to the flow of life. Figures dance below him in various poses that represent the trials of the past. This is a card of resurrection. The connection of the divine with the individual. Liberation from the past, and inspiration for the future.

If your character draws this card, she might be in for a wakeup call. The endless cycle of destruction and rebirth are at hand, and the day of reckoning has arrived. The time to face the demons of the past has come. Reveal your character’s inner struggle with things that have happened in the past. Set her in the direction towards resolving these wrongs so that she can be reborn even stronger than before. Make it a lesson learned.

The journey is almost done. Maybe she is realizing the consequences of her actions, maybe its time for her to reach a turning point in the story. This card might call for a pitfall in the plot. The return of someone that was wronged in the past, or even the results of something set in motion earlier in the story. This is the meat between the bread, the drive behind the character, and the manifestation of the motivation behind the plot line. Will she overcome? You decide.

Happy Writing!!!

The beautiful Tarot card shown is from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti. Find out about tarot and where you can buy this deck at the links below!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MagKaen Spotlight: Nibelung

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).
Nibelung: (Nee-bi-long) Cave dwelling , treasure hoarding dwarves of Norse Origen.
Don’t let those big innocent eyes fool you. The Nibelung are much tougher than they look. Yeah I know the guy in the picture looks pretty scary, but he isn’t of the Nibelung. Nope sorry, it was the best I could do on such short notice. Dwarf he is, but Nibelung? No. Take away the battle armor. Make the eyes about two sizes larger,and the muscles a little more normal sized. Change that metal hammer to rock, and that helmet to stone, and poof! Nibelung. See…easy.
These guys worship in the ways of water and pack some powerful earth magic. They can form rock like clay, and make just about anything you can imagine with it. They live in underground communities called a Caz, and only the highly trusted are allowed inside. Unlike their more battle ready cousins the Nibelung have evolved into a peaceful race. If you stumble upon them in the night they are more likely to gently nudge you on your way than to attack. To say they’ve become peaceful is accurate, but that doesn’t mean they’ve kicked all their bad habits. If you’re allowed to visit them, whatever you do don’t touch their rich stuff. They turn into evil gold hording leprechauns at the mere mention of anyone getting near their cache. Can you say green menace?

Read Wolf Claimed... 

Mat will stop at nothing to claim his mate. After years of searching he's finally found her, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her. Anything but let her go.... Wolf Claimed

But you don’t have to take Mercy’s interpretation as the only one. Check out the below links for the original human myths about these creatures.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

8 Ways to Lose a Werewolf

A short guide to self preservation for the Self-Respecting Witch.

By Mick Mune’Dust, Wolf Claimed.


8. Don’t get caught.

I know this might seem a bit redundant, but I think it’s worth saying. You wouldn’t have to lose a double W if you never get caught by one in the first place.

7. Run, run, run, As Fast as you Can.

If you can’t avoid getting caught, RUN, at the first opportunity and stay gone. If you’re lucky he’ll realize he didn’t like you much anyway and you won’t see him again.

6. Get on his Alpha’s Bad side.

There isn’t much that can stop a Werewolf from getting the woman he wants. The one exception to this is his Alpha. All werewolves have to obey the alpha no matter what. It’s almost physically impossible for them to deny his call, so plan to be your most obnoxious self whenever you come in contact with his pack mates. If the Alpha hates you, then you’re home free.

5. Deny Deny Deny.

You’ve been tackled, kissed to within an inch of life, and fondled to ticklish abandon. Still want to get away? Deny you’re his mate. They might not want you to know this, but you have to agree to be claimed. There is no such thing as claiming against your will, werewolf law forbids it.  Just remember, if you say no, he’s gotta go. (Just make sure you still want to say no.)

4.  Make yourself Kiss Proof.

Get your kisses elsewhere. Yeah, you may not want to. He’s gorgeous, kind, dependable, and oh so scrumptious. But the only way to make him back away is to prove to him that you can resist him. I know this might seem impossible, but the smell of another guy is a definite WW mood killer.

3. Play your Sista-Code Card.

Females of all kinds should stick together. The next best thing to getting the Alpha to help you, is getting the Alpha’s mate on your side. If she doesn’t want you around she can make it very difficult for you to join the pack. Just make sure to bring your fighting shoes! Female werewolves are just as territorial as males, and probably the only way to get her to help you is if you get on her angry wolf side.

2. Utilize the well placed ZAP!

You’re a witch girl, use those powers. If you can prevent him from claiming you, this wont be a problem. If he gets too close, give him a little zap. He’s tough, he can take it. Just remember if he has any type of claim on you this option goes away. Mate’s can’t harm each other.

1. Whatever you do, DON’T fall in love.

I know, he’s almost irresistible. Sigh. Why Harthen would saddle you with such a mate, no one knows. If you still find your self a little wolf-shy, the best course of action is to maintain your cool. Don’t fall in love with him or it’s the paws for you.


Find out more about Mick’s story.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MagKaen Spotlight: Domovoi

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).
Domovoi: (dome-o-voy) Highly powerful Under Elf of Slavic origins, affectionately called the house spirit.
He may only be 18 inches tall, but this is one MagKaen that will having you palming your jaw more often than not. (Eh hem, to pick it up off the floor!) He’s a Slavic Under Elf of the most powerful kind. This intensely loyal caretaker swears fealty to beings he deems worthy to live in his house. If you should be so lucky, be ready. He will protect your children, feed your dog, and even lend a hand the next time you have to do your duty. He is oh so perfectly proportioned in his natural state, often with a short well groomed beard, and muscles in places you didn’t know they existed. Sigh…if only they made these in human size! He is the spirit of the house, and lives to serve. But don’t get on his bad side. Domovoi are very proud, and easily offended. You do not want to find out what happens when this guy gets mad, so trust me, just don’t go there. If he likes you he might sing you a love song. Not that you’ll feel all that frisky after hearing it. Their voices aren’t completely audible to human (and witch) ears, so you’ll probably only hear what sounds like the caterwauling of a dying lama. Be careful though, he might get upset if you interrupt, and he’d definitely take exception to your not fully appreciating his gift.

Read Wolf Claimed... 

Mat will stop at nothing to claim his mate. After years of searching he's finally found her, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her. Anything but let her go.... Wolf Claimed

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The trouble with Giants.

morningForestSo you’ve been kidnapped. Well…it happens, and things could definitely be worse. I’m betting that when you oh so morbidly imagined yourself being kidnapped it never occurred to you to cast two of the most terrifying, and strangely adorable creatures for the role. And when I say adorable I mean that in a really dumb but definitely homicidal sort of way. Giants are extinct. Or are they? No one has seen one in 500 years, but hey that doesn’t mean much these days. If I were a 30 foot tall, chronic over eating, dim witted  biped, I think I might find a good hide out and stay there myself. Just sayin’. Boy I bet you wish you’d paid attention in that extinct species class in college? Well for those of us who prefer doing rather than studying, I’ve compiled a little list of interesting facts.
1. Giants are not Extinct. (obvious I know but worth saying again.)
2. Giants will eat anything that you put  in front of them, as long as it is meat. (Eh hem. That means they will eat you. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I needed to get your attention).
3.  Giants hate witch magic. It feels like an itchy rash on their backsides. So if you were planning to spell your way out of this little problem, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.
4. Giants sleep like the dead. This is probably the best time to plan an escape.
5. Giants will serve anyone who feeds them. They are much like gargantuan odorous, bushy haired cats. If you feed them, they luv you luv you, luv you. If you don’t, you might become dinner.
Find out about Mick’s trouble with giants in Wolf Claimed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

6 Reasons Werewolves do it Better.


6. Big Muscular Shoulders

It gives the phrase ‘A shoulder to cry on’ a whole new and incredibly sexy meaning doesn’t it? His is not only extra strong but extra dependable as well. These things come stock on your werewolf boyfriend. Am I the only one who’s excited????

5. His Kisses Actually do make it better.

They will heal your heart and your bruises or scrapes. All your hurts gone in one hot lusty shot. Now that’s a 2-for deal I’d like to buy. 

4. His bite is better than his bark.

His idea of getting nippy involves soft touches and intimate parts of your body. Leg locked prudes beware! Even you will be begging for his bite within minutes of meeting him.

3. He’s the marrying kind.

Here’s a male who knows exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Once he catches you, there isn’t anything that will make him let you go. He’s in it for the long haul and has the stamina to keep it going.

2. He’s not afraid to work up a sweat.

Have you been kidnapped? Attacked? Threatened? Are you in need of a hero to save your hind quarters on a Friday night? Your were-boy will be there before you realize that you need saving. He’s not afraid to get dirty. A little sweat, or even blood, is all worth it, as long as his lady is safe and sound.

1. Wolves mate for life.

Do you think you know what forever means? You haven’t met it until you find your very own wolfen’ luva’. He only has eyes for you, and you won’t want to look anywhere else!
Phew! Someone get me one of those mini personal fans! Are you steaming up your computer screen? Find out more about werewolves and their numerous benefits in Wolf Claimed.