Mercy Talks Sex: What makes a great love scene?

How much do you read? Have you ever wondered why some love scenes have that extra Um..Hm… and some others are mostly Uh Uh? As an admitted Romance addict I’ve compiled what I think is a list of the key ingredients for making your writing steam up the page. Prepare to be scintillated readers!!! Read all the way to the bottom for some links to a few books that I found irresistibly sexy!

1. Romance

I’m just woman enough to admit that sex for the sake of sex gets a little boring after a while. Have you ever read a book where there are 250 pages of sex and 50 pages of story? I like a good sensual love story just as much as the next romanti-file, but enough is enough people. For the sex to be sexy there must be some connection to the plot. That is, the sex must serve a purpose. Usually that purpose is romance, or connection between two characters. It signifies a deepening of the relationship and progress towards intimacy. Sometimes it’s the climax of the romantic plot, and other times it’s the final surrender. Whatever the circumstances don’t forget the romance. Show us that your characters are there for more than just the sex.

2. Touch

Seems pretty obvious I know, but you’d be surprised at how many stories are filled with sex scenes where the characters never take time to touch each other! It’s the b-line for the big O zones, but what about the rest of the body? How about the nape of the neck? The ear? The inner thigh!!! Don’t neglect the many other sexy parts of the body. Vamp up the sensual aspects of the story. Show your readers the deeper connection to the plot, and the development of a relationship between your characters.  Give them a little time to touch.

3. Chemistry

No not O- Chem, I mean X- Chem! Forget the Wham Bam, move strait to the thank you, and then go beyond that. Build the chemistry between the characters. Make them groan, make them shiver, but most of all, show us the inner struggle. They should be compelled towards each other by intense attraction, and the reader should know it. Show us how aroused they are, and convince us that we should be too. Make your characters irresistible to your reader, and they will be with you all the way.

4.  Bring on the Kink!

When your characters have relations, it should be an exploration. Don’t be afraid to let them explore the many roads of sensual stimulation. Make it an adventure. Introduce your character to something they never thought they’d enjoy, then take them further. The key to romance is finding the ultimate level of acceptance with another person. In that place of comfort  your characters should be able to release themselves to the moment, whatever that may entail. Make it exciting, build the tension, and take us with you!!!.
Happy Writing!

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