8 Ways to Lose a Werewolf

A short guide to self preservation for the Self-Respecting Witch.

By Mick Mune’Dust, Wolf Claimed.


8. Don’t get caught.

I know this might seem a bit redundant, but I think it’s worth saying. You wouldn’t have to lose a double W if you never get caught by one in the first place.

7. Run, run, run, As Fast as you Can.

If you can’t avoid getting caught, RUN, at the first opportunity and stay gone. If you’re lucky he’ll realize he didn’t like you much anyway and you won’t see him again.

6. Get on his Alpha’s Bad side.

There isn’t much that can stop a Werewolf from getting the woman he wants. The one exception to this is his Alpha. All werewolves have to obey the alpha no matter what. It’s almost physically impossible for them to deny his call, so plan to be your most obnoxious self whenever you come in contact with his pack mates. If the Alpha hates you, then you’re home free.

5. Deny Deny Deny.

You’ve been tackled, kissed to within an inch of life, and fondled to ticklish abandon. Still want to get away? Deny you’re his mate. They might not want you to know this, but you have to agree to be claimed. There is no such thing as claiming against your will, werewolf law forbids it.  Just remember, if you say no, he’s gotta go. (Just make sure you still want to say no.)

4.  Make yourself Kiss Proof.

Get your kisses elsewhere. Yeah, you may not want to. He’s gorgeous, kind, dependable, and oh so scrumptious. But the only way to make him back away is to prove to him that you can resist him. I know this might seem impossible, but the smell of another guy is a definite WW mood killer.

3. Play your Sista-Code Card.

Females of all kinds should stick together. The next best thing to getting the Alpha to help you, is getting the Alpha’s mate on your side. If she doesn’t want you around she can make it very difficult for you to join the pack. Just make sure to bring your fighting shoes! Female werewolves are just as territorial as males, and probably the only way to get her to help you is if you get on her angry wolf side.

2. Utilize the well placed ZAP!

You’re a witch girl, use those powers. If you can prevent him from claiming you, this wont be a problem. If he gets too close, give him a little zap. He’s tough, he can take it. Just remember if he has any type of claim on you this option goes away. Mate’s can’t harm each other.

1. Whatever you do, DON’T fall in love.

I know, he’s almost irresistible. Sigh. Why Harthen would saddle you with such a mate, no one knows. If you still find your self a little wolf-shy, the best course of action is to maintain your cool. Don’t fall in love with him or it’s the paws for you.


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