MagKaen Spotlight: Phi

Definitions (for the un-initiated):

MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).

Phi: (Fee) Persnickety, shape changing, human bashing tree sprite that lives in trees and large bushes.

Ever been in a park, or hiking on a trail and suddenly been attacked by a case of the clumsies? You just might have met a Phi! These guys delight in making trouble for humans. Phi are lower elves, that are (luckily) not that powerful, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. They like to live in trees and large bushes and can change color and shape to blend into their surroundings.

She may look cute, but she’s no Tinkerbelle. Phi survive by sipping the residue of magic from the air. For this reason it isn’t uncommon to find a gaggle of Phi living near werewolf compounds, elven villages, and covens. They are the magical scavengers of the MagKaen, and always happen to be around when you’d least expect it. Need information? Talk to a Phi. Just make sure you bring them an offering ‘worthy’ of your request. The last thing you want is to get on their bad side. Think angry magical bumble bees that will never let you sleep again.

But don’t be too nice! These little guys have a tendency to fall in love at first sight. Especially the females. Women hold on to your husbands, she may only be about 8 inches tall but she packs a powerful allure when she wants to. If you are male you might just find yourself at the mercy of her tiny little paws, if you’re a female, make sure you have a bucket ready. Woman have been known to be taken by a sudden case of uncontrollable nausea when standing in the way of a love struck Phi.


But you don’t have to take Mercy’s interpretation! Find out more about the Phi at the links below.


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