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Friday, August 29, 2014

REVIEW: Hers To Cherish by Patricia A. Knight

Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, #3)Hers To Cherish by Patricia A. Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite story yet!! What a fantastic story! I loved Her's to Cherish, and I really can't express that enough. Now adding Patricia A. Knight to my awesome-as-sin authors shelf. My goodness.

This book has a great female protagonist. Steffania is strong but vulnerable at the same time,wonderfully complex, and very likable. Next we meet the male protagonist. Ramsey is strong, oh so hawt, honorable, and tortured by a dark and difficult past.

These two together add up to an engrossing story line that is well spiced with sexy sexy bondage scenes. The sense of intimacy building between Steffania and Ramsey is palpable. They both struggle internally and externally and it helps to make the story that much more engrossing. All around a great read by a great author that delivers time and time again.

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In The Pages of a Good Book Blog Hop - Topic Friendship!

Welcome Hoppers!! In celebration of In the Pages of a Good Book's One Year Anniversary I'd like to present this post to the blog hop! 
Welcome to Mercy's World, the blog about all things romance!!! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Image curtesy of imagerymajestic/

What's better than a story about hot steamy romance??? A story about girl pals that stick together through thick and thin, and then find romance! 

Far be it from me to devalue a great steamy romance read. But what could be better than a story about friends sticking together? I've listed a couple of books below by one of my favorite authors. Other than being funny and an all around great time, these books feature one common theme. Girlfriends! Reading about the great relationship that these ladies had made the story that much more interesting. It just goes to show that secondary characters can make up the difference between regular and spectacular. Not that these books aren't hunk-tacular like all good romances should be... Cause they are! But don't forget about the friends.

We romance writers tend to focus on finding that leading man. Reading these stories made this Roman-ti-File think twice about how I could incorporate some great examples of female bonding into my writing. Read on for three great ideas for adding friend-lurv to any plot!

1. Bond your friends over a common hurt.

We all loved stories like Desperate Housewives, The First Wives Club, and many others. What made these ladies great? They came together over a common hurt and created a bond to last a lifetime. Bring your friends together through adversity and let loyalty see them through.

2. Create funny quirks and history to strengthen the relationship.

Lifelong friends are the people who know everything about you, and love you in spite of it. They are those people you can call in the middle of the night for a little commiseration. They are the first one's there when you need them, and they are the last one to leave when times get hard.  What could be better? Use the history of your character's friendship to create depth and conflict in the story. Did a man get between them before? Does the main character have a weird phobia, or a trigger that makes her do crazy things? Maybe the site of cat food makes her dizzy. Maybe she's terrified of spoons. Whatever it is, let the friends bring it out and then watch the plot fall.

3. The round table of Yay or Nay!

One of my favorite types of friendship scenes are those that show the girlfriend dish. Let your character have a hilariously witty man bashing party after her man messes up. There is nothing quite like letting your friends decide who you should date in the most uproariously funny way. For some great examples of these three ideas check out the books I've listed below.

Happy Writing!

See what I'm talking about with these great End of Summer Reads!!!

Well that's all for me! Thanks for coming to visit Mercy's World. Don't miss out on the next blogs in the hop!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mercy Talks Sex: Creating Intimate Moments



The key to making sex scenes romantic is portraying a sense of intimacy between the characters. Give them their moment of aha! This is different than its ever been before. This is special. But how do you do that? There are many complex feelings and emotions involved in the situation as it is, but how do you show the intimacy without overwhelming the reader with description? Or worse killing the sexy?


1. Show the intimacy with touch.

A slow gentle touch to a non sexual area during a love scene can go a long way to display the intimacy between two characters. Let your alpha male caress his female’s jaw. Let him run the back of his hand down her cheek. Have him hug her close without the tension of arousal between them. These are all ways to show that your characters are about more than just sex. One of the main complaints for new romance writers is that there is no sense of a developing romance between the main characters. At the end of the story it just seams that the I love you’s come out of nowhere. One way to show that romantic feelings are present is to increase the amount of non-sex related touches between your characters.

2. The eyes as windows

The eyes are such a tool of expression. Use them! A prolonged stare can portray so many things. Desire, longing, love, aggression, fear, interest, envy. Use the eyes to  increase the tension between characters. The eyes are front runners to facial expressions. Can you really read sadness in the eyes themselves? Of course not. What you read is the expression on the face but as humans we are most taken with eyes because they are often the center of our focus. Use that attention to your advantage.  Think about the difference in what you feel about a love scene that shows two characters who stare soulfully into each other’s eyes, versus one where that is never mentioned. Does it feel like the difference between love and lust to you?

3. The penetration correlation

Many a great romance writer has employed the penetration correlation. The deeper the connection the deeper the …. well you know. And it is true. This feeling that a connection is formed through intense love making. We can use this idea to our advantage. Making whoopee isn’t just about procreation. Its about a sharing of emotion, energy, and intense trust between two people. Even if it only lasts a few moments. Make your love scenes an outward manifestation of the emotional development between your characters. The deeper in love they are, the deeper they go.

4. Kisses aplenty

Kisses are amazing! Sweet, spicy, sexy, tantalizing even sad. People in love kiss, people in lust? Well not so much. Use kissing to portray sustainable connections between your couple. A kiss is like a mini-love scene. Even a small peck can bring the reader’s focus to the developing tenderness in the story. Don’t over do it, use your kisses strategically to bring your characters to where they need to go.

Happy writing!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

REVIEW: Tempting His Mate by Savannah Stuart

Tempting His Mate (Crescent Moon, #3)Tempting His Mate by Savannah Stuart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really like this series, but this book is my favorite so far! The characters in this story are more developed, and therefore oh-so-much more love-able. This is a quick and light read. Very entertaining, and very sexy as well. Can't wait to see what happens in the next one!

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