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Mercy Talks Sex: Writing Realistic Love Scenes

Sometimes it is nice to read a story where the characters are larger than life. Ok..Ok so it always is, but there is a threshold between realistically enhanced and well…just too much.We’ve read countless stories where the male hero was hugely endowed, and possessed superhuman endurance. Add to that the trend of female characters that are hypersensitive and more responsive than a hundred boomerangs at an Australian picnic.  Enough is enough. We like our love scenes sensual and sexy, but they are even better if they remain within the realm of attainable. Romance is about the fantasy of perfect love, the beauty of unadulterated union, and endless passion. We sell this dream to the readers. But let’s not do them the disservice of selling them something they can never experience. Read on for four key guidelines of realistic love scenes. 1. Write checks your  heroes can cash.Its good to build the tension between two characters. Its not so good to build the tension so high that when the deed…

Mercy Talks Sex: Revving up the Romance!

Why do romance readers read romance? Why do they choose this genre over any other genre? Why is this one of the most popular types of book on the market? I’ll tell you why! Romance sells. Notice that you didn’t just read the phrase “sex sells”, though it does. The truth about romance stories is that romance sells. That impossible ideal that there is someone out there for everyone is alive and well. Keep hope alive by giving people generous examples of love. You can do that in your stories, look for it in the books you read, or even do it in your own story (that is the story of your life). Keep reading for a few ways that you can rev up the romance!

1. Play up the Peek a Boo!
No, no, no gutter minds. Not that type of peek a boo! Though that might be interesting…. But we’ll save that for another post. You play up the peek a boo by holding a little back, then giving that perfect tidbit at the right time. Give the impression of untapped depths behind the character’s emotions and motives…