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Giveaway!!! - Witch Betrayed

I'm so happy to announce that the second book in my Books of the MagKaen series is out!! 

Witch Betrayed, book 2 in the Books of the MagKaen series is out!!! Get your free copy of episode one for a limited time directly from the publisher. Click here to get your free copy.

From the cover:

Michaela Mune’Dust still hates werewolves. It doesn’t matter that she’s mated to the wolfy Mr. Sex-O-Matic himself. She still can’t stand the toothy nightmares. Something has gone terribly wrong in the MagKaen. The thought of a civil war has become less of a distant rumble and more of a recurring nightmare. Barely recovered from her recent trauma Mick is still struggling to stay right side up in a sea of wrong. Her newly coined partner has gone missing. Will she be able to find him in time? Mick must survive the Nineve, her wolf, and somehow manage to keep her mate from surrendering to the chaos that’s gunning for them.

Mat Casillas loves his mate. He’d do anything for her. He’s vowed to protect he…