6 Reasons Werewolves do it Better.


6. Big Muscular Shoulders

It gives the phrase ‘A shoulder to cry on’ a whole new and incredibly sexy meaning doesn’t it? His is not only extra strong but extra dependable as well. These things come stock on your werewolf boyfriend. Am I the only one who’s excited????

5. His Kisses Actually do make it better.

They will heal your heart and your bruises or scrapes. All your hurts gone in one hot lusty shot. Now that’s a 2-for deal I’d like to buy. 

4. His bite is better than his bark.

His idea of getting nippy involves soft touches and intimate parts of your body. Leg locked prudes beware! Even you will be begging for his bite within minutes of meeting him.

3. He’s the marrying kind.

Here’s a male who knows exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Once he catches you, there isn’t anything that will make him let you go. He’s in it for the long haul and has the stamina to keep it going.

2. He’s not afraid to work up a sweat.

Have you been kidnapped? Attacked? Threatened? Are you in need of a hero to save your hind quarters on a Friday night? Your were-boy will be there before you realize that you need saving. He’s not afraid to get dirty. A little sweat, or even blood, is all worth it, as long as his lady is safe and sound.

1. Wolves mate for life.

Do you think you know what forever means? You haven’t met it until you find your very own wolfen’ luva’. He only has eyes for you, and you won’t want to look anywhere else!
Phew! Someone get me one of those mini personal fans! Are you steaming up your computer screen? Find out more about werewolves and their numerous benefits in Wolf Claimed.


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