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Let me take a moment to promote a little project I’m working on…… Wolf Claimed

Witches hold on to those pointy hats!!! Wolf Claimed (Book 1 of the MagKaen) , my new paranormal romance serial novel is here!!! Wolf Claimed is 10 Episodes of fun, fantasy and sexy werewolf hijinks. We are up to Episode 3, and the next one will be released in just a few short days. All episodes are available in several formats on Barnes and Noble , Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo, and are all absolutely FREE. Read on for a short synopsis and info on where you can get Wolf Claimed!Michaela Mune’Dust hates werewolves. Harthen knows she’d give her left boot to be completely free of the mangy beasts from now on. It’s just her luck that her job, the full moon, and that stupid little thing humans like to call biology are absolutely determined to force her into close personal contact with the last male she’d ever choose. Talk about un-luck-ee. Even worse the pinheaded lycan just can’t seem to keep his muddy paws to himself! Okay, so maybe he’s sort of cute when he gets all growly and gruff, bu…