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Sunday, March 30, 2014

MagKaen Spotlight: Nibelung

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).
Nibelung: (Nee-bi-long) Cave dwelling , treasure hoarding dwarves of Norse Origen.
Don’t let those big innocent eyes fool you. The Nibelung are much tougher than they look. Yeah I know the guy in the picture looks pretty scary, but he isn’t of the Nibelung. Nope sorry, it was the best I could do on such short notice. Dwarf he is, but Nibelung? No. Take away the battle armor. Make the eyes about two sizes larger,and the muscles a little more normal sized. Change that metal hammer to rock, and that helmet to stone, and poof! Nibelung. See…easy.
These guys worship in the ways of water and pack some powerful earth magic. They can form rock like clay, and make just about anything you can imagine with it. They live in underground communities called a Caz, and only the highly trusted are allowed inside. Unlike their more battle ready cousins the Nibelung have evolved into a peaceful race. If you stumble upon them in the night they are more likely to gently nudge you on your way than to attack. To say they’ve become peaceful is accurate, but that doesn’t mean they’ve kicked all their bad habits. If you’re allowed to visit them, whatever you do don’t touch their rich stuff. They turn into evil gold hording leprechauns at the mere mention of anyone getting near their cache. Can you say green menace?

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Mat will stop at nothing to claim his mate. After years of searching he's finally found her, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her. Anything but let her go.... Wolf Claimed

But you don’t have to take Mercy’s interpretation as the only one. Check out the below links for the original human myths about these creatures.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

8 Ways to Lose a Werewolf

A short guide to self preservation for the Self-Respecting Witch.

By Mick Mune’Dust, Wolf Claimed.


8. Don’t get caught.

I know this might seem a bit redundant, but I think it’s worth saying. You wouldn’t have to lose a double W if you never get caught by one in the first place.

7. Run, run, run, As Fast as you Can.

If you can’t avoid getting caught, RUN, at the first opportunity and stay gone. If you’re lucky he’ll realize he didn’t like you much anyway and you won’t see him again.

6. Get on his Alpha’s Bad side.

There isn’t much that can stop a Werewolf from getting the woman he wants. The one exception to this is his Alpha. All werewolves have to obey the alpha no matter what. It’s almost physically impossible for them to deny his call, so plan to be your most obnoxious self whenever you come in contact with his pack mates. If the Alpha hates you, then you’re home free.

5. Deny Deny Deny.

You’ve been tackled, kissed to within an inch of life, and fondled to ticklish abandon. Still want to get away? Deny you’re his mate. They might not want you to know this, but you have to agree to be claimed. There is no such thing as claiming against your will, werewolf law forbids it.  Just remember, if you say no, he’s gotta go. (Just make sure you still want to say no.)

4.  Make yourself Kiss Proof.

Get your kisses elsewhere. Yeah, you may not want to. He’s gorgeous, kind, dependable, and oh so scrumptious. But the only way to make him back away is to prove to him that you can resist him. I know this might seem impossible, but the smell of another guy is a definite WW mood killer.

3. Play your Sista-Code Card.

Females of all kinds should stick together. The next best thing to getting the Alpha to help you, is getting the Alpha’s mate on your side. If she doesn’t want you around she can make it very difficult for you to join the pack. Just make sure to bring your fighting shoes! Female werewolves are just as territorial as males, and probably the only way to get her to help you is if you get on her angry wolf side.

2. Utilize the well placed ZAP!

You’re a witch girl, use those powers. If you can prevent him from claiming you, this wont be a problem. If he gets too close, give him a little zap. He’s tough, he can take it. Just remember if he has any type of claim on you this option goes away. Mate’s can’t harm each other.

1. Whatever you do, DON’T fall in love.

I know, he’s almost irresistible. Sigh. Why Harthen would saddle you with such a mate, no one knows. If you still find your self a little wolf-shy, the best course of action is to maintain your cool. Don’t fall in love with him or it’s the paws for you.


Find out more about Mick’s story.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MagKaen Spotlight: Domovoi

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).
Domovoi: (dome-o-voy) Highly powerful Under Elf of Slavic origins, affectionately called the house spirit.
He may only be 18 inches tall, but this is one MagKaen that will having you palming your jaw more often than not. (Eh hem, to pick it up off the floor!) He’s a Slavic Under Elf of the most powerful kind. This intensely loyal caretaker swears fealty to beings he deems worthy to live in his house. If you should be so lucky, be ready. He will protect your children, feed your dog, and even lend a hand the next time you have to do your duty. He is oh so perfectly proportioned in his natural state, often with a short well groomed beard, and muscles in places you didn’t know they existed. Sigh…if only they made these in human size! He is the spirit of the house, and lives to serve. But don’t get on his bad side. Domovoi are very proud, and easily offended. You do not want to find out what happens when this guy gets mad, so trust me, just don’t go there. If he likes you he might sing you a love song. Not that you’ll feel all that frisky after hearing it. Their voices aren’t completely audible to human (and witch) ears, so you’ll probably only hear what sounds like the caterwauling of a dying lama. Be careful though, he might get upset if you interrupt, and he’d definitely take exception to your not fully appreciating his gift.

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Mat will stop at nothing to claim his mate. After years of searching he's finally found her, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her. Anything but let her go.... Wolf Claimed

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The trouble with Giants.

morningForestSo you’ve been kidnapped. Well…it happens, and things could definitely be worse. I’m betting that when you oh so morbidly imagined yourself being kidnapped it never occurred to you to cast two of the most terrifying, and strangely adorable creatures for the role. And when I say adorable I mean that in a really dumb but definitely homicidal sort of way. Giants are extinct. Or are they? No one has seen one in 500 years, but hey that doesn’t mean much these days. If I were a 30 foot tall, chronic over eating, dim witted  biped, I think I might find a good hide out and stay there myself. Just sayin’. Boy I bet you wish you’d paid attention in that extinct species class in college? Well for those of us who prefer doing rather than studying, I’ve compiled a little list of interesting facts.
1. Giants are not Extinct. (obvious I know but worth saying again.)
2. Giants will eat anything that you put  in front of them, as long as it is meat. (Eh hem. That means they will eat you. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I needed to get your attention).
3.  Giants hate witch magic. It feels like an itchy rash on their backsides. So if you were planning to spell your way out of this little problem, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.
4. Giants sleep like the dead. This is probably the best time to plan an escape.
5. Giants will serve anyone who feeds them. They are much like gargantuan odorous, bushy haired cats. If you feed them, they luv you luv you, luv you. If you don’t, you might become dinner.
Find out about Mick’s trouble with giants in Wolf Claimed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

6 Reasons Werewolves do it Better.


6. Big Muscular Shoulders

It gives the phrase ‘A shoulder to cry on’ a whole new and incredibly sexy meaning doesn’t it? His is not only extra strong but extra dependable as well. These things come stock on your werewolf boyfriend. Am I the only one who’s excited????

5. His Kisses Actually do make it better.

They will heal your heart and your bruises or scrapes. All your hurts gone in one hot lusty shot. Now that’s a 2-for deal I’d like to buy. 

4. His bite is better than his bark.

His idea of getting nippy involves soft touches and intimate parts of your body. Leg locked prudes beware! Even you will be begging for his bite within minutes of meeting him.

3. He’s the marrying kind.

Here’s a male who knows exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Once he catches you, there isn’t anything that will make him let you go. He’s in it for the long haul and has the stamina to keep it going.

2. He’s not afraid to work up a sweat.

Have you been kidnapped? Attacked? Threatened? Are you in need of a hero to save your hind quarters on a Friday night? Your were-boy will be there before you realize that you need saving. He’s not afraid to get dirty. A little sweat, or even blood, is all worth it, as long as his lady is safe and sound.

1. Wolves mate for life.

Do you think you know what forever means? You haven’t met it until you find your very own wolfen’ luva’. He only has eyes for you, and you won’t want to look anywhere else!
Phew! Someone get me one of those mini personal fans! Are you steaming up your computer screen? Find out more about werewolves and their numerous benefits in Wolf Claimed.