MagKaen Spotlight: Domovoi

Definitions (for the un-initiated):
MagKaen : (m-ae-g-kine) The magic, paranormal, supernormal universe including all supernormal beings as defined by the human standard. This includes elves, werewolves, giants, vampires, witches, gnomes, shape-changers, brownies, mages, and just about every other entity from human lore (and nightmare).
Domovoi: (dome-o-voy) Highly powerful Under Elf of Slavic origins, affectionately called the house spirit.
He may only be 18 inches tall, but this is one MagKaen that will having you palming your jaw more often than not. (Eh hem, to pick it up off the floor!) He’s a Slavic Under Elf of the most powerful kind. This intensely loyal caretaker swears fealty to beings he deems worthy to live in his house. If you should be so lucky, be ready. He will protect your children, feed your dog, and even lend a hand the next time you have to do your duty. He is oh so perfectly proportioned in his natural state, often with a short well groomed beard, and muscles in places you didn’t know they existed. Sigh…if only they made these in human size! He is the spirit of the house, and lives to serve. But don’t get on his bad side. Domovoi are very proud, and easily offended. You do not want to find out what happens when this guy gets mad, so trust me, just don’t go there. If he likes you he might sing you a love song. Not that you’ll feel all that frisky after hearing it. Their voices aren’t completely audible to human (and witch) ears, so you’ll probably only hear what sounds like the caterwauling of a dying lama. Be careful though, he might get upset if you interrupt, and he’d definitely take exception to your not fully appreciating his gift.

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