Fabo is available in paperback two months before the ebook!!!

Farbo, a Novel of the Kingdom of Nareth series is now available in paperback!!


by Mercedes Bleau

Additional formats:
E-Book; Kindle

Welcome to the Kingdom.

......she must surrender everything she is... to win her truest desire.....

A sleeper waiting. Atlyn is an apprentice to the greatest dancer in the kingdom. All her life she dreamed of being trained to dance as her mother had before her. What seemed like a dream come true turned out to be her living nightmare. Petty jealousy and past rivalries have left Atlyn with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. Denied her most basic needs, forced to live a colorless life, suffering in unrequited desire. Atlyn is but a shell of the female she was meant to be.

Honor bound. Sayber is the trusted Reticine of the greatest dancer in the kingdom. He has served his mistress well, but can he continue to live the half-life he's bound to? His body cries out with the need to take what is his. How could the Ritual deny him his heart's true purpose? He would give anything to possess her, anything to keep her safe. He might have to give everything if he means to claim her for his own.


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